The production of reliable energy is a requirement for everyday life. World energy consumption is growing rapidly, as is the need for cleaner power generation and improved efficiency. Morgan AM&T is responding to these challenges by making key contributions to emerging energy markets.

Morgan AM&T has been a supplier of carbon-based solutions essential for energy generation for almost 100 years and has continued to develop and supply innovative answers to the needs of the industry. To power generation companies, Morgan AM&T supplies the world's highest performance and best selling brush. For the nuclear industry, Morgan AM&T designs and delivers critical engineered seal faces. The tools required for oil, gas and mining companies to drill under increasingly aggressive conditions are manufactured using Morgan AM&T's highly engineered carbon and graphite advanced precursor materials.

As the world turns towards renewable energy, Morgan AM&T has responded accordingly. Morgan has supplied PEMFC, MCFC and SOFC companies with critical cell components and insulation ancillaries for more than 20 years and has played a major role in fuel cell industry milestones. As photovoltaic devices are increasingly utilized to provide solar energy, our strong links into the silicon semiconductor industry have facilitated development of new materials which improve production efficiencies in both silicon and thin film solar cell manufacturing. Morgan AM&T's energy portfolio also includes the brushes and rotary data transfer systems for control of windmills and advanced solutions for high performance rechargeable batteries. 

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