Metallurgical Products

World-class performance and service are critical elements that Morgan AM&T brings to the severe environments encountered in the metals processing industry. Specialty graphites have the stability, thermal conductivity, and electrical properties that are prerequisites for materials that are to provide superior performance.

The continuous casting of non-ferrous strips and billets use graphite dies with an exacting performance requirement. Critical factors are the graphite selection coupled with high-precision in manufacturing to control surface finish. Our dedicated applications engineering expertise enables us to maximize both die and machine performance. Our total applications approach allows us to optimize the cooling designs and enhance the performance of the total system.

Aluminum degassing is a core market. Morgan supplies graphite flux tubes with a proprietary anti-oxidation treatment and a unique design of degassing rotor which delivers improved performance and increased rotor life. Semi-continuous casting of aluminum demands the highest standards of material performance. Morgan's Permacast rings are produced from controlled-porosity graphite using a proprietary impermeable coating technology. Our Aluminum titanate ceramics are best known for their excellent thermal shock resistance, attributable to an extremely low co-efficient of thermal expansion. Resistance to attack by molten metal makes it useful in foundry applications, especially aluminum.
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