Semiconductor Processing

You will find Morgan AM&T at the heart of many electronic innovations shaping today's world. Among the advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes that use our products are ion implantation, epitaxy (MOCVD and MBE), and compound crystal growth.

As integrated circuit manufacturers strive to make their chips faster, smaller and less expensive, semiconductor processing equipment companies become more dependent on advanced materials to achieve the desired performance.

Graphite and Ceramic materials are key materials in the process chambers (tools) that process Silicon wafers. The roadmap for advanced ceramics is changing as the needed performance of the chip increases and the processes are driven harder. Factors driving the equipment manufacturers and the attendant needs for advanced materials include: The continuous "shrink" of line width, The move from 200mm to 300mm wafers, Higher process temperatures, and Purity requirements now in the ppb range. Morgan now offers state-of-the-art purification capability and is now working with leading equipment OEM's. Morgan AM&T is working with the equipment OEM's to develop and incorporate new materials of construction that will allow them to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry.

Each new generation of integrated circuit technology requires increased complexity and functionality, and this places demands on the process equiipment such as the ion implantation. Etch, or metal deposition processes - requiring increased numbers of cycles at even higher levels of productivity. Morgan's high-purity graphite hardware with glassy carbon treatment reduces particulates and contamination, improves final yield, while offering longer lifetimes and reduced cost of ownership. Morgan also supplies products used in the manufacture of components such as optical fibers, laser diodes, and transistors for mobile and satellite communications.

Morgan continues to work closely with leading companies in the electronics market to identify and develop target technologies. Our continued global investment in technology and facilities ensures that we can provide our customers with total engineering solutions and support them with a local base of operations. 
Semiconductor Processing
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