Wind Energy

Morgan AM&T has designed, for the challenges faced, their product line of superior brushes and related products for the wind turbine market. No matter its environment, the heart of a wind turbine's performance is its generator. For over 100 years, Morgan has provided successful, engineered solutions designed to optimize generator performance for virtually any type of climate. With millions of in-field applications in our portfolio, we bring you an extensive knowledge base and a range of brush material grades suited for the harsh environments where wind turbines operate. Be it Arid deserts, Sub-zero tundra and Corrosive/High-humidity seashores, none of these exceed what Morgan's superior materials can handle.

When specifying for extreme environments, it is important to select materials formulated to maximize film formation between brush and slip rings, since that film is critical for extended brush life, protected slip-ring surfaces and reduced friction. Morgan's global brush grades are created to be environment specific, offering maximized performance in low or high load conditions. Our brushes are engineered to perform well in low-humidity atmospheres, a common setting for many wind farms. Our power slip rings and hub control slip rings are equally robust, given their crucial role in turbine performance.

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Wind Energy
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