Extruded Products

Morgan AM&T manufactures a variety of extruded products, including small diameter rods, flux/injection tubes, and Raschig rings. Currently, extruded rods are available in diameters between 1/8" and 3", in lengths from 12 to 72" and outside diameters can be ground to high levels of accuracy. Grade selection is determined by user application and material properties such as density, electrical resistance, strength, and purity.

Morgan AM&T produces a line of graphite flux tubes for various molten metals processing applications. Flux tubes are manufactured with standard outside diameters of 2" and 3", and lengths of up to 120 inches. Our flux tubes are available with or without our LoOX oxidation-resistant treatment process.

Morgan AM&T also manufactures high-quality carbon Raschig rings used in chemical tower packing and in a range of other industries, such as scrubbers, fertilizer and acid manufacturing. Raschig rings are available in six standard sizes - ½, ¾, 1, 1½, 2, and 3" diameters and are sold by cubic foot multiples.

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Extruded Products
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