Custom Machined Graphite, Purification & Graphite Coatings

Our Product is Custom Graphite for Any Application

We produce high precision, ultra pure graphite products for a wide variety of applications. Our modern facilities are equipped to machine all types of graphite shapes and sizes up to 30" by 60" cross section, and 24" in diameter. Morgan AM&T can satisfy any graphite application that requires particulate free, outgas-free, high density, low permeability or sealed surfaces. All products are custom machined and processed to exact customer specifications with assistance from our staff of graphite specialists.

All purified graphite components are handled using strict guidelines to maintain the extremely low level of contaminants valued by end users. Products are sent immediately from the processing area to a cleanroom environment. Each item is thoroughly inspected for any nonconformance that might negatively affect the quality of the product or its operating characteristics. All products are packaged with high purity packaging materials.

Graphite Materials

Machined Graphite
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