Ceramic Armor

Morgan AM&T develops and produces unique ceramic materials and strikeface solutions for body and vehicle armor applications. Our technology allows us to meet the highest demands of urban warfare ballistic protection. With over a century of material process expertise in the manufacture of products based on carbon graphite, silicon carbide, alumina and related materials, Morgan AM&T is well-versed in the latest technologies.

Body Armor

Morgan AM&T designs and develops a range of products and materials for body protection. The range of materials includes alumina, silicon carbide and boron carbide, and our own unique oxide-based composite ceramic material we call CERAMOR®. We offer a full spectrum of sintered and reaction-bonded materials and product capability in body armor, ensuring a range to suit all budgets.

Vehicle Armor

With ever increasing threat on the battlefield and the need for modern vehicles to have high mobility without compromising survivability, Morgan AM&T offers a variety of materials and products to suit all requirements - with a proven record in supplying mainstream vehicle platforms.

CERAMOR® Vehicle Protection

Survivability and mobility are two critical issues for any future combat systems in modern warfare. The same criteria apply for many of the mainstream vehicle systems. CERAMOR LAP (Layered Armor Protection) provides the most advanced armor system for integration into vehicle programs both today and in the future. It is designed with advanced prevention features against detection and offers the highest level of protection. The LAP solution has proven extremely effective against IED and EFP threats.

Shape Design

With multiple pressing and casting capabilities in our ceramic manufacturing, we can produce a wide variety of shapes and sizes in a cost effective manner. These forming techniques allow us to produce flat or multi-curved shapes, We also have the ability to kit the ceramic components for efficient armor manufacture.

Morgan Armor
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