Wind Energy

Wind Technologies' field test-tested electrical components - application specific brushes and holders, power slip rings and pitch control slip rings - are backed by unmatched application engineering, service and global reach. Morgan understands the environmental challenges - humidity - corrosion - heat - cold - as everyday environments for wind turbines. Our parts and upgrade systems are designed to provide superior performance in demanding climates -- engineered specifically for your application.


    * Exceptional performance from no-load to high load
    * Low friction through superior film formation
    * Endurance through extreme atmospheric conditions and low humidity
    * Excellent lifespan with minimal ring wear
    * Low brush-brush-to-brush wear differential

Power Slip Rings designed for OEM applications

    * Molded or build-up construction
    * Rings can be in steel, stainless steel, bronze or brass
    * Cost-efficient design
    * Complementary quality brush holder and rigging
    * Design specific to your application

Hub Control Slip Rings

    * A lifetime of 10 years or 70 million rotations
    * 5-year maintenance and lubrication free operation
    * Data transmission capacity up to 400MBd
    * Shock and vibration resistance
    * Hybrid systems utilizing metal-graphite brushes
    * Available with fiber optic rotary joints

Morgan is dedicated to innovating value-added solutions by understanding the wind industry-specific needs, opportunities and challenges. Creating technology solutions that increase productivity and uptime is our highest priority.
Wind Technologies
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